Content Creators Program

Content Creators Program Content Creators Program

Chop Chop Guys Content Creator Program is designed to support all creative players who are willing to share their live streams, videos, or fan art dedicated to Chop Chop Guys across the gaming community.

By becoming a Chop Chop Guys Creator, you gain different perks and benefits, including exclusive access to early content and the most recent news and announcements directly from the developers’ team.

We value the diversity of content creators within our program, so feel free to give it a go whether you have a large community or are just starting out.

We are excited to announce that applications are already open via our application form and we encourage you to explore our F.A.Q. sections to learn more about the requirements and most common questions about the program.

Good luck, future Creators!


1. Who is eligible to participate in Chop Chop Guys Content Creator Program?

We are accepting Creators at all regions, languages, audience sizes and types of content and we especially are happy to support Creators who focus on the quality of their content! Please, note that your channel must be compliant with the platform's Terms of Service (i.e. Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, etc.) Feel free to fill in our form so that we could review your information and contact you later

2. How long does it take to be approved?

We review every application personally, so we need about 3-5 days to process your request. After that, we’ll contact you via your email or Discord.

3. How will I get information and rewards?

We will send all information via e-mail or Discord. So make sure to keep an eye on incoming emails and keep your Discord DMs open!

4. I’m only starting to stream or make videos but I want to be a part of the program. What should I do?

Feel free to submit your information via the application form so that we could think about the ways to integrate your content into our program.

5. I’m already in the program and I’ve provided my email to the staff but I don’t get any emails about the upcoming playtests or updates:
  • Make sure to double-check the email you’ve provided to us
  • Check the Spam and Promotions folders
  • Try to manually search for emails from
  • If you still didn’t get the email, feel free to report this issue to us on Discord
6. I’m already in the program and I don’t know how to activate my steam key.
  • Access your main Steam account where you want to have the game
  • At the top left click Products
  • Once you click Products, then click “Activate a product on Steam…”
  • After pressing “Activate a product on Steam…”, enter your personal game key (sent via email or Discord by Chop Chop Guys staff): XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
  • Once you have entered your game key, click “Download”
7. I’m already in the program and I don’t know how to redeem my Creator Promo Code:
  • Enter the game using your exclusive key
  • Click on the Settings button in the game
  • Then click on the Redeem promo code button
  • After clicking Redeem promo code enter your promo code: CHOP-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
  • Once you have entered your promo code, click on Redeem promo code to redeem it